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South Sulawesi Training

of District Facilitators in Pictures

THE training of district facilitators from five districts in South Sulawesi took place over four days from 30 March to 2 April in Pare-Pare. The practical teaching took place in DBE3 target schools in Pinrang and Sidrap districts. Some of the activities in Pinrang are shown in pictures here.

  1. This is not the practical teaching but an everyday grade 7 social studies lesson, which we found in SMP 1 Mattirobulu, Pinrang.

  2. The practical science activities included an experiment to filter and purify dirty water. The students made their own filters using a variety of waste materials and materials found in the environment.

  3. The students wrote reports on the water purification experiment and displayed them on the classroom wall

  4. Students from grade 7 were taken into the school grounds to survey the organic and inorganic materials within a meter square. Here they are seen being helped by Bpk Hamsin, a district facilitator from Soppeng districts

  5. The students from grade 8 are making a display of their work on the reflection of light and are being assisted by one of the district facilitators, Ibu Haniah from SMPN 6 Makassar.

  6. After finishing the practical teaching at SMPN 1 Pinrang several of the participants of the training can be seen talking about the lesson they had taught include what succeeded, any problems they faced and how it might be improved in the future.

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Nomor 02/April 2009